Rangehood Installation and Installers

Rangehood Installation and Installers Rangehood Installation and Installers

The appearance of rangehoods and their performance depends to a large degree on the quality of the installation. In particular the ducting installation can make a huge difference to performance. The use of inappropriate ducting and mistakes made during installation can reduce performance to zero and noise to unbearable.

The most common mistake is to use flexible foil (or nude) duct and not install it properly. Saggy duct can interfere with the back-draft flaps and increase back pressure, or both, which leads to reduced air flow and increased noise. Not cutting it to size and pulling it tight happens all too often and is the cause of many noisy rangehood complaints.

Using rigid or semi-rigid duct is a way to ensure that airflow is kept to a maximum whilst noise is minimised. Always check that the back-draft flaps open freely at all speed levels before attaching your duct and that they are not impeded by it.

Although rangehood installation can be a DIY project, it's preferable to have it done professionally to ensure best results. Not all installers are created equal though and a variety of trades can be involved: builders, electricians, plumbers, kitchen installers. Installing duct isn't a popular job though and it's often not done properly, which is why it's best to use specialists such as NZ Rangehood Installers Ltd. Members of the National Kitchen And Bath Association they are a professional outfit who guarantee a job well done.


NZ Rangehood Installers Ltd are the only rangehood installation company we can wholeheartedly endorse. They cover much of the country and are gradually expanding. Contact them to see if they're in your area. 0800 080 224