Kitchen Sinks

We have one of the largest kitchen sink collections online in New Zealand. Our sinks are organised into various categories to make it easier for you to find the kitchen sink you're looking for. You can also take a look at our kitchen sinks guide for assistance with selecting the right one.

We have single bowl sinks and twin / double bowl sinks, with and without drainers in both stainless steel and engineered stone. Our hand made designer kitchen sinks have square profiles but with hand finished corners to make them easy to clean. Our super collection of stone sinks in a variety of configurations and colours, again with and without drainers. Whether it's for your new designer kitchen, a do-up, the batch or a rental, we probably have the kitchen sink for you at a price to please.

Stone Sinks

If you have or are buying a granite or manufactured stone benchtop you should consider the advantages of an engineered stone sink.

  1. Scratch & Dent Resistant – Ecogranit™ being 80% mineral quartz has proven its natural hardness and strength over millions of years, making it highly resistant to scratching caused by daily use
  2. Hygienic – The polished, non-porous surface of Ecogranit™ with its unique properties provides a high resistance to acids, dirt and mould, making it easy to clean and hygienic in use.
  3. Sustainable - Made from 85% crushed quartz, sinks are Eco-friendly products reusing one of nature’s hardest materials.
  4. Guaranteed Quality – Made in Germany and thoroughly tested, a 30-year limited warranty applies to all Ecogranit™ sinks
  5. Stain & Dirt Resistant – Throw red wine, soy sauce, blueberries etc at this range and simply simply wipe off & it’s clean.
  6. Heat Resistant – Ecogranit™ sinks are highly resistant to heat. Extensive testing with hot oil, flame and hot pots has proven its heat enduring characteristics in real life use.

We have a great range of choices with different styles, sink bowl combinations and colours. Ecogranit™ sinks are suitable for both over and under mounting. 

No matter what your preference, we have the kitchen sink style for you. From budget overmount sinks with single or double bowls to handmade designer sinks that will set your kitchen off to stunning effect. Note that most of our sinks are suitable for both under and over mounting. Take care when choosing a sink insert for a laminate surface benchtop. Over mounted sinks are most appropriate for these but if you prefer a flush finish then choose a sink bowl suitable for under mounting or flush mounting. Solid surface benchtops such as stone, composite and wood are suitable for any under mounted or over mounted sink of your choice since since most over mounting sinks can be under mounted too.

Undermount Only.

Most of our kitchen sinks may be under mounted or over mounted. This selection is suitable for under mounting or flush mounting only. Under mount kitchen sinks work best with solid surface benchtops and for flush mounting in laminate benchtops If your sink is for flush mounting with a laminate benchtop then only these sinks are suitable. If your sink is for under mounting with a solid surface benchtop then all these sink bowls are suitable but you should check out our whole range of sinks as most of them are suitable too.

IKON Sink Collections

IKON kitchen sinks are in our opinion one of the best choices for New Zealand home owners. They have a huge choice of sinks to suit every budget and taste including top mount, under mount and handmade designer sinks that rival anything else on the market. All IKON sinks carry a lifetime warranty, your guarantee of quality and craftsmanship.

Check out the collections below.

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