Choose from a wide variety of rangehoods including canopies, island mounted, wall mounted rangehoods and built-in rangehoods.

A quiet rangehood is the preference of most of us so most manufacturers claim that their rangehoods are quiet. But what does this really mean in practice? Decibel ratings are given such as <65dB, but what do these numbers mean in the real-world use as opposed to a factory test room?

We're determined to cut through the mystery and bulldust to give you some actual guidance based on our own research. We've found that there are a huge range of noise levels generated by various rangehoods and that they don't always correspond to the levels stated by the manufacturer. Some are noisier than claimed but perhaps surprisingly, some are actually quieter. Some of this disparity might be due to different testing methods so we've standardised our measurement recording procedure so as to compare like with like or as you might say, 'apples with apples'. Measurements are made using equipment calibrated to the European Environment Agency standard for noise monitoring. Testing is carried out in our premises with the rangehood wall mounted at 1.65m and ducted with semi-rigid flexible ducting. Sound measurement taken at a height of 1.65m and a distance of 1m. The results of the quieter ones are displayed in the product descriptions below. Not all the canopies we sell have been tested yet but we are gradually identifying the quieter ones as they become available.

In our opinion only rangehoods that generate less than 50dB at full power, at ear level at 1m distance can be considered (relatively) quiet. Over that level the noise becomes intrusive and users will be tempted to turn down the fan speed to levels that are inefficient. Only canopy rangehoods that we have tested and shown to be under 50dB are listed in this section. Remember that everyone experiences noise differently and one person's quiet is another's loud so our measurements should be taken to show relative differences in noise levels, one to the other.

Please note that correct installation is an important factor for reducing the noise from any rangehood. Ducting should of the solid or semi-rigid kind and not the thin plastic or foil extendable type. Joints should be sealed with ducting tape so they are air tight. The noise is usually loudest at the point where the air leaves the rangehood, which is why it should be contained by proper solid ducting rather than the flimsy extendable foil type.

Polo 600mm Power Pack 120m3ph

Polo 600mm Power Pack 120m3ph

NZD $649.00