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Rangehood Ducting

We carry a range of ducting products for rangehood ducting, including rangehood ducting kits,  

Unless you are using your rangehood in re-circulating mode you will need a ducting solution of some sort. Rangehoods are normally ducted to the outside via either the wall, soffit or roof depending on the building and the preferences of the owner. Downdraft rangehood systems are sometimes ducted under the floor. We have rangehood ducting kits for wall, soffit and roof. 

WARNING: Avoid foil ducting if you want your rangehood installation to be as quiet as possible. Don't use the 'concertina' plastic ducting sometimes supplied with rangehoods if you want your rangehood to be as quiet as possible and to comply with building codes. For the best results and to comply with code use only metal ducting: aluminium or steel to duct your rangehood through the ceiling or wall. To help you with your choice, we don't include unsuitable ducting in our kits. Check out our ducting kits using the link below.

Rangehood Ducting Kits

Rangehood ducting can do more than just vent cooking fumes. Good quality ducting and installation can also reduce rangehood noise. To minimise noise from the rangehood exhaust, foil ducting should be avoided. Although cheaper, it does absolutely nothing to reduce noise and can actually increase it and if not properly installed can reduce air flow also.

Our rangehood ducting kits provide the best options for, airflow, noise containment and building code compliance. They are designed as convenient packs that provide all you need to vent your rangehood to the outside through roof, wall or soffit in 150mm packs. 

Note our special rangehood installation offer: NZ Rangehood Installers Ltd will give a $30 discount off any rangehood installation to our customers who buy a rangehood or rangehood ducting kit from ApplianceSmart..

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