Downdraft rangehoods are ingeniously concealed extractor systems that provide an alternative to the conventional rangehood for kitchen ventilation. The downdraft system works by drawing the air down through the benchtop or wall behind the hob to the outside. In cases where a wall mounted rangehood is not an option, it’s invaluable. It also has the advantage of eliminating the irritating ear-level noise of a standard rangehood. Downdraft systems offer the kitchen designer the flexibility of being able to be install an extraction system virtually anywhere a cooktop can be situated, including under a window or within an island benchtop, in which case the need for an intrusive ceiling mounted canopy is eliminated. There are multiple downdraft rangehood extraction systems available and we are pleased to offer them here:

Ducting for our downdraft systems are available in the Parts, Ducting & Extras category as well as replacement filters. Also please go to this page to find out more about how downdrafts work. (Link to Downdraft Extractors Page)

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