Appliance Smart Buying Guide

Appliance Smart Buying Guide Appliance Smart Buying Guide

Kitchen Appliance Buying Guide

With a huge number of kitchen appliances to select from the choice can be bewildering. To narrow it down it's usual to use such factors as brand, price point and experience. However, there's been an explosion of brands in recent years. Long gone are the days when it was Fisher and Paykel, Westinghouse and Vulcan. The increased choice does though, provide the opportunity to find products that suit our needs at affordable prices rather than having to compromise on features versus price.


Cooktops Buying Guide

Most of us use the hob more frequently than the oven so selecting the cooktop is an important decision. The cooktop or hob is usually situated above the oven but not always so. You can also view our guide on how to install a ceramic hob here.

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Ovens Buying Guide

The choice of ovens can be overwhelming with so many brands, features, functions and prices to consider. Probably the best way to go about choosing is to carefully consider the type of cooking you do, which will dictate the oven functions and features you need. Then you are in a position to make a decision based on what you are prepared to spend.

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Rangehoods Buying Guide

Most of us prefer to have a well ventilated kitchen and so we need a device for extracting the cooking fumes and odours from the cooktop. Many rangehoods also come with re-circulating ability which, with the addition of a carbon filter, can remove grease and smells from the air. Without air extraction or an effective filter, oils from cooking will be distributed around the house leaving a sticky and smelly residue that attracts dust and dirt.

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Kitchen Sinks Buying Guide

Love it or hate it, you can't do without the kitchen sink. We have a huge range of different of kitchen sinks in a wide variety of configurations, materials and prices. To help you choose the sink that's right for you we've compiled a buying guide to help you navigate the maze of choices.

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Dishwashers Buying Guide

Once a luxury but now considered essential by most households, the dishwasher makes light work of a tedious chore. To help you decide which dishwasher would suit you we've produced a mini-buying guide.

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