Built In Ovens

All wall ovens are designed to be installed into standard size cabinets in oven towers or under-bench. (For freestanding ovens see stoves). We have a large selection of ovens including self cleaning ones - pyrolytic or with catalytic liners. All our ovens have been selected for a good balance of price and features. The popular Parmco oven range of wall ovens provides exceptional value with their 7-year warranty.

Built-in ovens are the mainstay of the fitted kitchen. They are built into cabinets either under-bench or in an oven tower at eye level. Select the features that best suit your cooking style at the price point best for your pocket.

Self Cleaning Ovens. Who actually enjoys the chore of cleaning their oven? Unless it's cleaned after every meal the grease and grime build up to the point where most people dread it. These days keeping your oven clean is so much easier because self-cleaning ovens are now so affordable. So who wouldn't want a self cleaning oven?

There are two types of self-cleaning oven:

Catalytic - the oven is fitted with catalytic liners, preferably to the sides and the rear. They work by absorbing the fat splatters. For optimal performance the oven should be heated to 250°C for about an hour, every once in a while.

Pyrolytic - the oven has a cleaning cycle that you can activate as required. During the cycle the door locks and the oven heats up to 500°C turning the grease and food residues to ash, which can be simply wiped off.

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