Induction Hobs

The induction hob has become very popular in recent years for a number of good reasons. Induction cooking has the advantages of instant control, safety, economy and easy care. Induction cooking requires magnetism responsive cookware of steel or cast iron. Aluminium, copper and Pyrex won't do, if a magnet doesn't stick to it it won't work. Unlike ceramic hobs that look similar, induction hobs transfer energy straight to the pot without heating the cooktop so spilled food doesn't burn on. Also the induction hob only uses energy when the pot is on the cooktop, as soon as it's removed the power switches so there's less wastage from residual heat loss.

Do remember though that induction hobs need ventilation so are not usually suitable for replacing hobs in older kitchens without some modification to the cabinetry. Always be sure to follow carefully the installation instructions.

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