How To Install A Ceramic Hob

How To Install A Ceramic Hob How To Install A Ceramic Hob

Installing A Ceramic Hob

Before you start, read carefully the instruction book that came with your hob. You will note that it should be installed only by a suitably qualified technician.

1. Cut a hole in the benchtop per the size shown for your model of ceramic hob. The benchtop should be a minimum of 30mm thick and made of suitable heat resistant material. Ensure that the hob position preserves a minimum of 50mm of free space around it as shown in Fig. 1

ceramic-hob-ventilation 1

2. Ensure the ceramic hob is well ventilated and the air inlet and outlet are not blocked as shown in Fig 2.

ceramic-hob-installation 2

3. Insert the hob into the benchtop hole and secure it with the four steel brackets provided by attaching them to the bottom of the hob at the prepared positions and to the underside of the benchtop. Use either the supplied foam tape or ensure that any adhesive Adjust them for a secure fit according to the thickness of the benchtop. As shown in Fig 3.

4. Check the electrical specifications of your particular hob Most domestic ceramic hobs require a single phase 30amp power supply. Ensure that the hob cable is connected in a way that complies with New Zealand standards. The cable should be in good condition, not damaged, bent or compressed in any way.

Remember always to refer to the instruction manual that was supplied with your hob and ensure that it is available for your qualified technician.