Warranty Claim

Warranty Claim Warranty Claim

You can report a fault with your appliance by completing the form below.

Before you start, please have your invoice number and/or the date you purchased your appliance. The more information we have, the quicker we can respond to your service request. Please also ensure that you provide a daytime number you can be contacted on so that the service engineer can contact you to arrange a suitable time to call. Please be sure to complete the form below as fully as possible so that your request can be dealt with without delay.

Important Notes

Ceramic Hobs: note that your cookware must be absolutely flat and make 100% contact with the surface of the hob. Preferably, pots and pans should be heavy type with thick bottoms A bowed frying pan not making 100% contact with the surface will cause the hob to 'cycle', that is it will continue to switch on and off, not allowing the pan to reach full temperature. This results in the contents of the frying pan boiling rather than frying and the saucepan heating very slowly. This is not the fault of the appliance and the problem can only be resolved with the use of the correct cookware.

Induction Hobs: induction hobs are normally very reliable but this depends very much on being installed properly. They do need adequate ventilation and must be installed exactly as the handbook describes. Failure to install your hob correctly will invalidate the warranty.

Ovens: note that your oven should be heated to the recommended temperature for cooking the food before putting in the food. Failure to do this will extend the cooking time and might result in the food being undercooked. Never introduce your food to the oven before heating it to the correct cooking temperature.

Your warranty: warranties are supplied over and above your consumer rights in law. Warranties are to protect you against manufacturing faults that cause failure of the appliance. Your warranty does not cover you against damage, misuse or failure due to faulty installation. A call-out for a non-warranty issue is likely to result in a charge for the work